Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: Interview with Jax Spencer

“Halloween isn’t just a Holiday, it’s a lifestyle!” – Jax Spencer

To ring in October, we sat down to chat with our favorite Hallow-queen, Jax Spencer.

So Jax, what brought you to pole dancing?

In 2007 I started dancing in a club. After seeing my fellow dancers work the pole – I knew I had to try! It looked so beautiful and fun, I could t wait. So, I immediately bought my own pole (via Karol Helms site) and started teaching myself from day 1.

I later quit dancing at the club, but I still wanted to continue to pole, so I began teaching and training in my apartment. That escalated and I opened my own studio space, and started getting more involved with the community. Here we are now, 12 years later, still spinning!

Jax sporting her Bendy Bitch leggings from Cleo’s Rock & Pole

You are the founder of the wildly popular Pole Dancer Group: You Know When You’re a Poler When. How did it take off?

Wine drunk impulse decision! I was waiting for a friend to come over (we were going to a club to tip and drink). Whilst waiting and sipping wine, we had a conversation. We were joking about how “you know when you’re a poler when your dresses don’t fit because of your beastly shoulders” and “you know when you’re a poler when you’re pregaming before a strip club adventure” etc.

It snowballed from there! I figured we couldn’t possibly be the only ones that understood these things. So, a few glasses of wine later with the internet at my fingertips, I created the group. I added all of my pole friends and now, a few years later, we have almost 34k members! Its mind blowing. Special thanks to my admin team who helps tame the monster!

Photo cred: @donqphotography Outfit: @cleothehurricane Shoes: @pleasershoes

You are a PSO Unicorn and Judge. What top tips would you give to someone who wants to compete for the first time?

Have fun! You’re sharing your art, your special piece with us. Have. Your. Moment! Don’t beat yourself up about the choreo or little details that aren’t perfect. Once you take the fun out of the hobby, you’ll resent it.

Choose a song you will never get sick of (because you’ll listen to it a million and two times), choose your BEST tricks (not every single one you know) and enjoy the journey. Play with your concepts and movements. Look at the audience and get used to filming yourself so you know what you look like. Breathe and take the stage! (You can throw up after, hehe)

Chest Press

Halloween is coming up, and you have a knack for performing slinky, sexy, spooky routines. Your recent portrayal of a Black Widow on stage at Nocturnelle 2019 was hot af! What creepy characters or routines were the most fun for you to create?

Thank you. I love Halloween, it’s a not just a holiday for me—it’s a way of life! I don’t always purposely intend for my concepts to be creepy – but it often ends up that way because it’s my favorite. At Nocturnelle this year, I absolutely loved portraying a Black Widow spider and shooting confetti as my web. “Dead Dolly” was also great. I had a basket of candy I threw into the audience.

I’ve been a sorceress with crazy eye makeup (I was proud of myself for that one!) I even had a spellbook prop, and put a spell on the audience.

Vampires pulling victims on stage to bite is always fun…Gotta keep the bloodline going! Once I even came out in a straight jacket and spiked mask. I think that the most light-hearted character was the Mad Hatter. Everything else I’ve done has been spooktacular! I love costume reveals and props so I create concepts around that.


You own The Pole Academy in Greenville, SC. Do you do any workshops or online training for polers who don’t live in your area?

Yes! I’ve started branching out—I travel and host workshops and give guest instruction around the East Coast and hope to be traveling more soon. Not just in the USA, but also abroad.

I am partnered with 123poling.com so look for my videos soon! Also, I’m working with “Get Fit & Pole” which is based out of Germany, translating videos.

You can always check my IG: @jaxpole or YouTube channel: Jax Spencer to see tons of silent mini tutorials which consist of all things pole, from beginning to advanced, exotic, floor work and even stretching.

Check out Jax on IG, FB & Pole Riot @JaxPole

And lastly, since it is October, I have to ask: what’s your favorite Halloween Candy?

All of it. All my teeth are sweet teeth so I don’t discriminate. Chocolate, fruity, hard, chewy, gummy – I’ll take it all. Except those chalky Necco things from basically the early 1900’s WTF are those – keep those away.

Jax is a proud affiliate of the following brands. Be sure to use her promo codes for a discount on your next purchase!

Hoodlum Fang – Jax10

Cleo’s Rock N Pole – CRNP Jax

Jax’s 2019 Nocturnelle Routine


7 Hacks That will Make You the Macgyver of Pole Dancers

Image: @pamelajean from Pinterest

As a busy mom who runs a food truck and works in several sectors of the pole industry, I’ve collected a number of “pole dancer hacks” over the years. These will definitely help you optimize your training without breaking the bank. Read on to be the most efficient pole dancer you can be, Lady Macgyver!

No Home Pole? No Problem!

Lifetime Achievement Unlocked: I went over the swings at the park!

Plan a date to go exploring in your community. Check out the local parks and see which ones have the coolest playground equipment. You’d be surprised at the plethora of potential poles to play on! Not to mention—a good #streetpole photo is my favorite thing ever. Top tip (ok, more like an insta – hack, lol): Go during golden hour, when the beautiful lighting will highlight your best features if you want to take pics.

Gripes about Grip?

Susan knows the struggle is real. @danrosenpole

Still recovering from the Great Dry Hands Drought of 2019? If you have an old, allllmost empty bottle of chalk based grip like Dry Hands laying around, try adding a few drops of water.

Ya know how Taylor Swift says “Shake it Up!”?—Well, add water to the dry hands bottle and “Shake it Out!” This hack works surprisingly well for getting every last drop out of the bottle.

Or, if your skin is on drier side—check out this DIY recipe using only distilled water, glycerine, and vodka. I found it on thepoledancer.com, and I’ve actually made a batch of this wonderful concoction myself! Everyone at my studio loved it for their dry, winter skin.

Protect those Pleasers

Tired of your pleasers getting all dinged up from floorwork? Check out these awesome shoe covers from Hoodlum Fang.

Hoodlum Fang Pleaser Covers

Or, in a pinch, find a pair of cute socks, and slide them over the toe box of your shoes. Wha-la! Protection from knicks and scrapes.

If it’s a little too late for prevention because your pleasers have already suffered some scuffs— grab a sharpie in a corresponding color and fill in the damaged areas. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will temporarily improve the aesthetic. 

Sad about Storage?

Storage issues stopping you? If you’re anything like me, you have a zillion choreo videos and a ton of trick-pics saved. Don’t let a lack of storage space keep you from capturing your next epic moment. Up the ante with Google Photos.

Google Photos allows you to back up unlimited photos and videos for free. Plus, you can access them from any phone, tablet, or computer. Finally! You can save all the things!

Photos that are Fancy AF

Pole Dancers love to be extra, and these apps will upgrade your images to “fancy af” status:

Werble: Photo & Video Animator

Werble allows you to bring motion and magic to your images with the click of a button with its array of special effects like smoke, rain, lights and bokeh. 


Filto app lets your creativity soar as you add trendy effects to your short videos and images. Their huge library has categories like: Glitch, Neon, VHS, Sparkles, Trippy and so many more!

DIY Crash Mat

Incredible Polers Performing acrobatics onto a grey futon mat at @charlottepolepower studio in Phoenix, AZ

We all know that in pole, it’s crucial to take our safety seriously. Afterall, we want to continue poling for the rest of forever—and beyond! Amirite?

Crash Pads are a vital component in creating a safe environment for training—but if you’ve ever been in the market for one, you know they don’t come cheap.

Some alternatives? Try collecting some old couch cushions. Bind them together around your pole using industrial strength velcro, or you can stuff them into a duvet cover.

Another option is checking out IKEA (or even thrift stores) for second-hand futon or memory foam mattresses. Memory foam can be cut to size fairly easily with a butcher knife (be safe of course!) and then you can add the Velcro keep it tight around the base of your pole. Get Creative! You Can even customize a stylin’ mat cover if you know how to sew.

Skype Lessons

Pole Star Jamilla Deville offers Skype Lessons to Students Across the Globe.

Are you dying to take a private lesson with your favorite pole star, but can’t afford to fly across the globe to meet with them? Inquire about Skype lessons! Many famous polers like Jamilla DeVille are now offering this service and it’s more affordable then you might think.

Do you have a #poledancerproblem that you could use a hack for? Comment below and let’s find a solution!


6 Week Pole Goals Challenge: How to identify, track, and achieve your pole goals.

Pole dancers be like: “I’m working on getting my chopper, flatter splits, a Fonji, a solid handstand, my butterfly, of course I want my ayesha….”

As pole dancers, we want all of the things…and we want them now. The struggle is real when you can’t even look Instagram without saving at least a dozen videos into your “pole goal” folder. So, how do we get started on the path to success?

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals!

When setting goals, it’s important to be purposeful in our intentions. Try using the S.M.A.R.T goal setting method: 


First things first. Establish a very clear and specific goal. It’s not enough to simply say “I want to get in shape”. Instead, pinpoint a detailed and clear goal. For example, “I want a straight leg invert” or “I want to learn a routine and perform at a studio showcase.”


Next, consider how you will measure your progress. The method you use to for this will depend on the goal itself. For instance, if you’d like to get flatter splits, you might download an app that will measure your angles. If you’d like to nail a specific trick, you might take weekly videos of your improvements along the way.

It’s also advisable to start a fitness journal where you can log your nutrition, workouts, and any other pertinent information regarding your journey. 


Having a group of positive, like-minded people to encourage you will help you stay on track. These can be friends from your studio or gym, an online support forum, or a family members or neighbor.


When Susan set a goal to get her iron-x in a week—despite the fact that she hadn’t even learned to climb yet—she felt like a failure. Oh, Susan. You’re not a failure…you just set an unrealistic goal.

Set goals that are realistic and reachable. You want to give yourself a challenge, but don’t set yourself up for disappointment by shooting for something unobtainable.


Set a realistic timeline. It’s easier to stay committed and be successful if you give yourself a reasonable amount of time.

Need help setting goals? Want to join our 6 week #polegoal challenge? Comment below!


About Me

Rori Elizabeth Chacon

Celestial Bodies Pole Dance

Rori E. Chacon started pole dancing on New Years Day of 2017. Her very first class ignited a passion within her, and ever since she has devoted herself to positively promoting the pole industry.

By day, Rori is a mom to two great kids. A 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter (who enjoys pole & lyra, too!) and she runs a food truck business with her family. By night she’s a pole dance instructor, coach, creative content creator and works on the Board of Directors for the American Pole League.


•X-Pert Certified Pole Instructor

•International Pole Sport Federation Certified Coach

•Vice President American Pole League

•2018 USPSF Champion

•Pole Instructor Kinetic Arts Tucson

Have questions or comments for Rori? Reach out at celestialbodiespole@gmail.com 

Happy Poling 

Pole with a Purpose: Improve your physical performance by upping your mental game

Over the past several months, I have been researching dance theory and philosophy.

As anyone who has ever tried pole will tell you, it’s as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Getting your mind and body to work together in synchronicity is no easy feat. But, like any other skill, it can be practiced and refined over time.

There is such a wealth of information to compile, that I have decided to develop a blog series about it to share with you.

In the meantime, I really wanted to get my first Celestial Bodies Pole post published—so I’ve outlined a couple unique tips you can implement to elevate your pole training. These topics will be further explained over the next few months.

Anywho, welcome to the blog! Nice to meet ya’ (I’d shake your hand, but mine are rough and scratchy with pole calluses 😉)

Alright Stop! Collaborate and Listen…

Remember this 90s classic from Vanilla Ice? I bet you’re finishing the lyric in your head right now! If you were anything like me, you played the song on repeat as a kid (ok, I know, I’m old), and memorized the lyrics so you could sing it on karaoke night at your local pub. You may have even heard it repeated so many times that you started to get sick of it, amirite?

The thing is, when we repeat something over and over, we memorize it. We master it. Mastery in pole is no different, it requires repetition.

When we consistently practice our skills, we build strength, confidence and muscle memory.

But is training the same move over and over the most efficient way to spend your training time?

While repetition is important…practicing the same skills over and over in the exact same way can cause muscle fatigue, strain, and quite frankly…it can be boring.

Instead, take your core skills and try practicing them in different ways. Before your next session, try choosing one core trick, and make a list of all of its potential entries, exits and transitions. Then, while practicing, see if you can come up with even more variations.

Challenge yourself to be creative and to think outside of the box. Not only will this improve your strength and fluidity, but it will also help you to develop your own personal style, build confidence, and expand your repertoire.

The single biggest idea that we tend to focus on when applying newly learned information — is that we need repetition to make it stick. But, what research tells us is that mastery really happens when we retrieve that knowledge from the brain and apply it in a variety of different ways.

We live in the age of information. With all the knowledge we are inundated with each day, we have to learn how to filter and retain the most valuable components.

In Peter C. Browns book, Make It Stick, Brown explains that to really ‘make new information stick’ in our brain and bodies, that we need to challenge ourselves to practice what we have learned, try it new ways, and expand upon it.

Take what you have learned, and expand upon it. Instead of a basic inverted thigh hold…try expanding on it, by playing with different shapes, entries or exits.

For further reading, check out the book “Make it Stick” by Peter C Brown. 

Train Subconsciously

Visualize your choreography routines

When learning a new combo, or a piece of choreography, visualize it!

When you imagine yourself doing the movements, the neuromuscular system is exercised and neurons in the brain fire to signal your muscles. This technique is called Guided Visualization or Sports Visualization.

Although it sounds complicated, it’s a technique that anyone can do. It involves purposely rehearsing your routine in your minds eye. Think of it as watching a recording of yourself. Experts suggest imagining every little detail. How does the pole feel? Are you pointing your feet? Is a baby crying in the background?

It may sound silly, but olympians and top athletes like Serena Williams and Michael Phelps have publicly praised this method, as an important part of their training success.

By rehearsing a detailed mental image of the desired outcome, athletes can improve physical performance in their sport.
Put those skills into practice

The Beginner Dancer Wants To Be Advanced. The Advanced Dancers Wants To Go Back And Master The Basics.

Pole is so much more than just tricks. It’s about community, creativity, and exploration.

When you focus on mastering the countless variations of core skills, you are building a solid foundation of strength in body and creativity in mind.

Expand upon this by layering different elements together, or manipulating old tricks into something fresh and new.

Collaborate with your pole friends and create a routine that really speaks to you. Maybe even challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone by performing at a studio showcase!

Enjoy the Process

Learning, growing and developing as an artist and athlete is a process. When we commit ourselves fully; mind, body and soul—the achievements throughout the journey are especially rewarding.

What’s your best unconventional training tip?