About Me

Rori Elizabeth Chacon

Celestial Bodies Pole Dance

Rori E. Chacon started pole dancing on New Years Day of 2017. Her very first class ignited a passion within her, and ever since she has devoted herself to positively promoting the pole industry.

By day, Rori is a mom to two great kids. A 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter (who enjoys pole & lyra, too!) and she runs a food truck business with her family. By night she’s a pole dance instructor, coach, creative content creator and works on the Board of Directors for the American Pole League.


•X-Pert Certified Pole Instructor

•International Pole Sport Federation Certified Coach

•Vice President American Pole League

•2018 USPSF Champion

•Pole Instructor Kinetic Arts Tucson

Have questions or comments for Rori? Reach out at celestialbodiespole@gmail.com 

Happy Poling 

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