6 Week Pole Goals Challenge: How to identify, track, and achieve your pole goals.

Pole dancers be like: “I’m working on getting my chopper, flatter splits, a Fonji, a solid handstand, my butterfly, of course I want my ayesha….”

As pole dancers, we want all of the things…and we want them now. The struggle is real when you can’t even look Instagram without saving at least a dozen videos into your “pole goal” folder. So, how do we get started on the path to success?

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals!

When setting goals, it’s important to be purposeful in our intentions. Try using the S.M.A.R.T goal setting method: 


First things first. Establish a very clear and specific goal. It’s not enough to simply say “I want to get in shape”. Instead, pinpoint a detailed and clear goal. For example, “I want a straight leg invert” or “I want to learn a routine and perform at a studio showcase.”


Next, consider how you will measure your progress. The method you use to for this will depend on the goal itself. For instance, if you’d like to get flatter splits, you might download an app that will measure your angles. If you’d like to nail a specific trick, you might take weekly videos of your improvements along the way.

It’s also advisable to start a fitness journal where you can log your nutrition, workouts, and any other pertinent information regarding your journey. 


Having a group of positive, like-minded people to encourage you will help you stay on track. These can be friends from your studio or gym, an online support forum, or a family members or neighbor.


When Susan set a goal to get her iron-x in a week—despite the fact that she hadn’t even learned to climb yet—she felt like a failure. Oh, Susan. You’re not a failure…you just set an unrealistic goal.

Set goals that are realistic and reachable. You want to give yourself a challenge, but don’t set yourself up for disappointment by shooting for something unobtainable.


Set a realistic timeline. It’s easier to stay committed and be successful if you give yourself a reasonable amount of time.

Need help setting goals? Want to join our 6 week #polegoal challenge? Comment below!

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