7 Hacks That will Make You the Macgyver of Pole Dancers

Image: @pamelajean from Pinterest

As a busy mom who runs a food truck and works in several sectors of the pole industry, I’ve collected a number of “pole dancer hacks” over the years. These will definitely help you optimize your training without breaking the bank. Read on to be the most efficient pole dancer you can be, Lady Macgyver!

No Home Pole? No Problem!

Lifetime Achievement Unlocked: I went over the swings at the park!

Plan a date to go exploring in your community. Check out the local parks and see which ones have the coolest playground equipment. You’d be surprised at the plethora of potential poles to play on! Not to mention—a good #streetpole photo is my favorite thing ever. Top tip (ok, more like an insta – hack, lol): Go during golden hour, when the beautiful lighting will highlight your best features if you want to take pics.

Gripes about Grip?

Susan knows the struggle is real. @danrosenpole

Still recovering from the Great Dry Hands Drought of 2019? If you have an old, allllmost empty bottle of chalk based grip like Dry Hands laying around, try adding a few drops of water.

Ya know how Taylor Swift says “Shake it Up!”?—Well, add water to the dry hands bottle and “Shake it Out!” This hack works surprisingly well for getting every last drop out of the bottle.

Or, if your skin is on drier side—check out this DIY recipe using only distilled water, glycerine, and vodka. I found it on thepoledancer.com, and I’ve actually made a batch of this wonderful concoction myself! Everyone at my studio loved it for their dry, winter skin.

Protect those Pleasers

Tired of your pleasers getting all dinged up from floorwork? Check out these awesome shoe covers from Hoodlum Fang.

Hoodlum Fang Pleaser Covers

Or, in a pinch, find a pair of cute socks, and slide them over the toe box of your shoes. Wha-la! Protection from knicks and scrapes.

If it’s a little too late for prevention because your pleasers have already suffered some scuffs— grab a sharpie in a corresponding color and fill in the damaged areas. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will temporarily improve the aesthetic. 

Sad about Storage?

Storage issues stopping you? If you’re anything like me, you have a zillion choreo videos and a ton of trick-pics saved. Don’t let a lack of storage space keep you from capturing your next epic moment. Up the ante with Google Photos.

Google Photos allows you to back up unlimited photos and videos for free. Plus, you can access them from any phone, tablet, or computer. Finally! You can save all the things!

Photos that are Fancy AF

Pole Dancers love to be extra, and these apps will upgrade your images to “fancy af” status:

Werble: Photo & Video Animator

Werble allows you to bring motion and magic to your images with the click of a button with its array of special effects like smoke, rain, lights and bokeh. 


Filto app lets your creativity soar as you add trendy effects to your short videos and images. Their huge library has categories like: Glitch, Neon, VHS, Sparkles, Trippy and so many more!

DIY Crash Mat

Incredible Polers Performing acrobatics onto a grey futon mat at @charlottepolepower studio in Phoenix, AZ

We all know that in pole, it’s crucial to take our safety seriously. Afterall, we want to continue poling for the rest of forever—and beyond! Amirite?

Crash Pads are a vital component in creating a safe environment for training—but if you’ve ever been in the market for one, you know they don’t come cheap.

Some alternatives? Try collecting some old couch cushions. Bind them together around your pole using industrial strength velcro, or you can stuff them into a duvet cover.

Another option is checking out IKEA (or even thrift stores) for second-hand futon or memory foam mattresses. Memory foam can be cut to size fairly easily with a butcher knife (be safe of course!) and then you can add the Velcro keep it tight around the base of your pole. Get Creative! You Can even customize a stylin’ mat cover if you know how to sew.

Skype Lessons

Pole Star Jamilla Deville offers Skype Lessons to Students Across the Globe.

Are you dying to take a private lesson with your favorite pole star, but can’t afford to fly across the globe to meet with them? Inquire about Skype lessons! Many famous polers like Jamilla DeVille are now offering this service and it’s more affordable then you might think.

Do you have a #poledancerproblem that you could use a hack for? Comment below and let’s find a solution!

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