Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: Interview with Jax Spencer

“Halloween isn’t just a Holiday, it’s a lifestyle!” – Jax Spencer

To ring in October, we sat down to chat with our favorite Hallow-queen, Jax Spencer.

So Jax, what brought you to pole dancing?

In 2007 I started dancing in a club. After seeing my fellow dancers work the pole – I knew I had to try! It looked so beautiful and fun, I could t wait. So, I immediately bought my own pole (via Karol Helms site) and started teaching myself from day 1.

I later quit dancing at the club, but I still wanted to continue to pole, so I began teaching and training in my apartment. That escalated and I opened my own studio space, and started getting more involved with the community. Here we are now, 12 years later, still spinning!

Jax sporting her Bendy Bitch leggings from Cleo’s Rock & Pole

You are the founder of the wildly popular Pole Dancer Group: You Know When You’re a Poler When. How did it take off?

Wine drunk impulse decision! I was waiting for a friend to come over (we were going to a club to tip and drink). Whilst waiting and sipping wine, we had a conversation. We were joking about how “you know when you’re a poler when your dresses don’t fit because of your beastly shoulders” and “you know when you’re a poler when you’re pregaming before a strip club adventure” etc.

It snowballed from there! I figured we couldn’t possibly be the only ones that understood these things. So, a few glasses of wine later with the internet at my fingertips, I created the group. I added all of my pole friends and now, a few years later, we have almost 34k members! Its mind blowing. Special thanks to my admin team who helps tame the monster!

Photo cred: @donqphotography Outfit: @cleothehurricane Shoes: @pleasershoes

You are a PSO Unicorn and Judge. What top tips would you give to someone who wants to compete for the first time?

Have fun! You’re sharing your art, your special piece with us. Have. Your. Moment! Don’t beat yourself up about the choreo or little details that aren’t perfect. Once you take the fun out of the hobby, you’ll resent it.

Choose a song you will never get sick of (because you’ll listen to it a million and two times), choose your BEST tricks (not every single one you know) and enjoy the journey. Play with your concepts and movements. Look at the audience and get used to filming yourself so you know what you look like. Breathe and take the stage! (You can throw up after, hehe)

Chest Press

Halloween is coming up, and you have a knack for performing slinky, sexy, spooky routines. Your recent portrayal of a Black Widow on stage at Nocturnelle 2019 was hot af! What creepy characters or routines were the most fun for you to create?

Thank you. I love Halloween, it’s a not just a holiday for me—it’s a way of life! I don’t always purposely intend for my concepts to be creepy – but it often ends up that way because it’s my favorite. At Nocturnelle this year, I absolutely loved portraying a Black Widow spider and shooting confetti as my web. “Dead Dolly” was also great. I had a basket of candy I threw into the audience.

I’ve been a sorceress with crazy eye makeup (I was proud of myself for that one!) I even had a spellbook prop, and put a spell on the audience.

Vampires pulling victims on stage to bite is always fun…Gotta keep the bloodline going! Once I even came out in a straight jacket and spiked mask. I think that the most light-hearted character was the Mad Hatter. Everything else I’ve done has been spooktacular! I love costume reveals and props so I create concepts around that.


You own The Pole Academy in Greenville, SC. Do you do any workshops or online training for polers who don’t live in your area?

Yes! I’ve started branching out—I travel and host workshops and give guest instruction around the East Coast and hope to be traveling more soon. Not just in the USA, but also abroad.

I am partnered with so look for my videos soon! Also, I’m working with “Get Fit & Pole” which is based out of Germany, translating videos.

You can always check my IG: @jaxpole or YouTube channel: Jax Spencer to see tons of silent mini tutorials which consist of all things pole, from beginning to advanced, exotic, floor work and even stretching.

Check out Jax on IG, FB & Pole Riot @JaxPole

And lastly, since it is October, I have to ask: what’s your favorite Halloween Candy?

All of it. All my teeth are sweet teeth so I don’t discriminate. Chocolate, fruity, hard, chewy, gummy – I’ll take it all. Except those chalky Necco things from basically the early 1900’s WTF are those – keep those away.

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Jax’s 2019 Nocturnelle Routine

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